Me? Worry? Priebus Says Trump Going Independent Was Never a Concern for the GOP

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus spoke with Chris Cuomo on New Day this morning, where he claimed that he never sweated over whether Donald Trump would launch a conservative mutiny and make a third party run.

Even though Trump signed a pledge months ago to give his allegiance to the inevitable Republican nominee, he has at times complained about how the mainstream party has been treating him, and brought back threats to break off on his own. Priebus said that even though the narrative has seen a great deal of circulation, it was never a cause for “biting his fingernails.”

“I never worried about Trump pursuing an independent campaign,” Priebus said. “I never lost any sleep over it. I always thought that would be the case.”

While reports have continued to circulate over whether the RNC was developing a contingency plan if Trump became the nominee, the mogul told Cuomo after last night’s debate that he was “totally committed” to the GOP.

“I knew when the candidates gave me their pledge and when they agreed to their word that they were beginning to support our party, I never doubted that any of these folks would reverse course,” Priebus said.

Watch above, via CNN.

[H/T Daily Caller]
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