Media Critic Goes Off on Lauer for ‘Showbiz’ Forum: Lacked the Right ‘Journalistic Chops’

zurawikBaltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik has a problem with how Matt Lauer handled last week’s big NBC News Commander-in-Chief forum. (Along with a lot of other people…)

He told Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources today, “I think if you had someone with better journalistic chops sitting in that chair, everything in their brain would have went ‘Red Alert, we have to correct this right now.'”

He was referring to Trump lying about his Iraq War position, but Stelter asked him if he really has a problem with Lauer’s journalistic chops when he’s been on the air for decades.

“He’s been a newsreader!” Zurawik said. “He’s been a presenter! He’s been an interviewer!”

And then he made this point:

“This is NBC, once again, tilting in the direction of show business instead of journalism on events like this. They had Chuck Todd, they had Andrea Mitchell, they had two outsanding journalists who I can’t imagine would have let that pass. They were not in that chair because they had somebody who was better in a showbiz sense.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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