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Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert On Union Protesters’ Hatred Of Fox News: “You Just Gotta Laugh”

Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert visited liberal radio host Stephanie Miller‘s show Monday to share his thoughts about the union protests in Wisconsin – including one protester’s decision to hit Fox News reporter Mike Tobin as he attempted to cover the event.

In response to the network’s complaints about the behavior and downright animosity of the protesters, Boehlert told an already-chuckling Miller that “you just gotta laugh” over the fact that Tobin and his colleague, Gregg Jarrett, have been discussing the incident at length – “this coming from someone,” Boehlert said, “who works for a station that essentially concocts hate on an hourly basis.”

While Boehlert said he doesn’t advocate violence against reporters, he finds it “unusual” that Fox News, or any other network for that matter, has yet to air footage of the alleged attack, and also took Fox contributors to task for labeling the incident an “assault.”

Take a listen:

(h/t Radio Equalizer)

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