Media Matters Launches Petition to ‘Hold Bill O’Reilly Accountable’

In light of recent reports showing Fox News host Bill O’Reilly may have lied about elements of his time spent reporting on the Falkland Islands war, as well as the JFK assassination, liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America has authored a new petition calling for him to be punished in the same way NBC News disciplined Brian Williams earlier this month.

The petition, which is being hosted by and already has nearly 10,000 signatures, calls on Fox to “hold Bill O’Reilly accountable for deceiving viewers about his ‘combat zone’ experience.”

After recounting the details of Mother Jones’ findings regarding O’Reilly’s supposed “war zone” reporting in Buenos Aires more than 30 years ago, the petition states:

Bill O’Reilly shouldn’t get away with years of misleading viewers just because he’s an icon at Fox News. If Fox wants to move past this scandal, it needs to follow NBC’s example with Brian Williams and take action to hold O’Reilly accountable for this deception.

In the past, Media Matters has called for advertiser boycotts on conservative radio and television hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. In this case, they are not asking advertisers to drop The O’Reilly Factor, but instead demanding that Fox suspend O’Reilly or deliver some other from of punishment. With Fox’s Roger Ailes saying he’s “in full support” of the host, that result seems very unlikely.

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