Mediaite’s Top 10 Most-Shared TV News Clips of 2014


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We thought it might be interesting to reveal which of Mediaite’s many TV news clips were shared the most on social media this year, on Facebook and Twitter as well as Reddit and other platforms. And just to be clear, by including clips from The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher, we realize we are somewhat redefining what constitutes “news.”

But according to our analytics, these 10 clips were the ones you shared the most in 2014.

10. Jake Tapper Goes Off on Police Reaction in Ferguson: ‘This Doesn’t Make Any Sense!’

9. Cops Physically Push CNN’s Don Lemon During Tense Ferguson Protest

8. Ferguson Protestor Grabs, Breaks Fox News Camera Live On-Air

7. Phil Robertson Tells Hannity How He’d Combat ISIS: ‘Convert Them or Kill Them’

6. Stewart Blows Up on GOP over Climate Change: ‘Pushing a Million Pounds of Idiot up a Mountain’

5. Fox’s Guilfoyle to Young Women: Don’t Vote, ‘Go Back on Tinder’

4. Nancy Grace Goes Off on Darren Wilson: ‘It Doesn’t Add Up!’

3. CNN Tech Analyst Thinks 4Chan Is A Person: ‘He May Have Been A Systems Administrator’

2. ‘They Will F*cking Kill You!’ Maher and Ben Affleck Battle over Radical Islam

1. Brian Williams Pulls Off Fantastic Sex Joke on Air

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