Mediaite Columnist Joe Concha to Fox: Scarborough Went ‘Off the Reservation’ by Bashing Bashir

Mediaite columnist Joe Concha appeared on Fox News’ Media Buzz and told host Howard Kurtz that MSNBC had continued to mishandle the Martin Bashir controversy even after his apology, further promoting the segment on Twitter and allowing colleague Joe Scarborough to criticize Bashir on another network.

“After that apology was made by Martin Bashir on Monday, hours later, the MSNBC Twitter feed actually promoted the segment from Friday when those deplorable comments were made,” Concha said. “After an apology, if you’re still promoting a segment, boy, that’s a big issue right there, and that goes right up to management, to allow that to even happen.”

“But then,” Concha continued, “a day later, Joe Scarborough goes off the reservation, on another network, and says, Yeah, that apology that Martin Bashir did yesterday? I don’t even think he wrote it himself. And Scarborough wasn’t disciplined in any way! I’m sure if that happened at another network, he would probably have been suspended.”

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“Well, I’m not sure about that,” Kurtz said. “He was being candid about a colleague.”

“On another network, though?” Concha said. “Come on. You don’t make comments like that about your coworkers there. That’s off the reservation.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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