Mediaite Sunday Show Round-Up: Why Wallace v. Emanuel is the Best Stuff on Sunday TV

So you were up late participating in the unending joy that is watching Ohio State University lose, and didn’t feel like lifting your hungover head out of bed to watch the Sunday shows. Never fear, your humble Mediaite scribe has you covered.

What You Missed

The Chris Wallace and Ezekiel Emanuel Interruption Variety Hour! This is the best stuff on Sunday TV (a bar so low it’s subterranean, granted); why isn’t every show a hyper-informed expert defending government decisions to a well-prepared skeptic*? And these two managed to talk (over each other) for ten minutes straight without mentioning midterms or messaging or 2016. Bartender!

On the other side of the Sunday derpspectrum, a fascinating (relatively) discussion on income inequality on This Week With George Stephanopoulos became two Republicans yelling about the tea party for some reason, because why have a substantive discussion about policy when you can holler “Ted Cruz!!!11@!!!21” on national TV?

By the by, this is what James Carville thinks of Mary Matalin’s “Ted Cruz is a Populist” argument:

I wasn’t paying attention either.

What You Didn’t Miss

Howard Kurtz slammed Chris Matthews for holding a softball Obama interview full of easy questions designed to elicit responses that catered to MSNBC’s base. And he chose to slam Matthews via a softball interview with Fox’s Clayton Morris full of easy questions designed to elicit responses that catered to Fox News’ base. Pro-tip: if your interview ends with the questioner saying “True dat,” it was a softball interview.

Speaking of Lacking Self-Awareness

Senator Rand Paul (R-Not Even Trying Anymore) thinks unemployment benefits cause unemployment. Joe Weisenthal turns Paul’s argument into mulch.

Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich Made Essentially The Same Argument


“Let’s remember, the ANC, they were pursuing freedom…Many of the communist nations embraced them, this country did not. It was not like they were born Marxist; they were born people seeking to be free. Some of the Marxist nations, either genuinely or in a self-interested way, tried to embrace that.”


“My point to conservatives is: there weren’t any conservative allies. Churchill allied with Stalin in World War II. I think in a similar tradition, Mandela was desperate by that stage, he saw the scale of the oppression, and the only allies that were available, frankly, were on the hard left.”

Different rhetoric, same basic point. Those two should have a show together, and it should be filmed at the zoo, and pandas should be the guests.

* Some might say cynic. YMMV.

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