Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin: Tucker Carlson Should Have Apologized, But Viewers Will Be Happy With His Defiance

Mediaite Managing Editor Aidan McLaughlin dropped knowledge about the recent controversies surrounding Tucker Carlson to the hosts of Cheddar Wednesday afternoon.

Carlson is, of course, the Fox News host who has been dealing with the reaction to unearthed commentary from former shock jock radio appearances that were by turns bigoted, sexist and racist. The radio snippets were part of a long-standing and coordinated attack led by progressive media watchdog group Media Matters, who have been calling for an advertising boycott of Carlson’s show as a means to get him off the air.

McLaughlin noted to his hosts that Carlson has been defiant in his response, refusing to apologize for the attacks and going after the liberal “mob” that has been trying to silence his show.

“The idea that Fox News or Tucker Carlson would apologize to Media Matters is absurd on its face,” McLaughlin offered, adding that “they would never do that.”

Not apologizing to detractors is “part of Tucker Carlson’s brand” McLaughlin offered, also noting that strategy has long been part of Fox News’s approach dating back to founder Roger Ailes’ tactics. “You don’t back down from making comments, because that’s succumbing to the liberal mob as they see it.”

“It mimics the Trumpian view that if you apologize, you’re backing down,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin then pointed out that while Fox News viewers are surely happy with Carlson’s non-apology, there is a larger responsibility of hosting a show with millions of viewers and that Carlson “should have apologized.”

He continued that Fox News caught between the network’s attempts to tout their hard news anchors — “which lends them credence as a serious news organization” — and their opinion hosts.

“What brings in the money is the opinion hosts, they’re the people that bag 4 million viewers on a really good night,” McLaughlin said.

Watch above via Cheddar.


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