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Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell Takes On GOP’s ‘Autopsy’ Report And Minority Outreach Woes On Current TV

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell weighed in on the GOP “autopsy” report on Current TV’s The Young Turks earlier today. Cenk Uygur focused on the sections of the report concerned with how badly the Republican party is doing with minorities, though he largely dismissed it as just window-dressing. Kirell told Uygur that the GOP has had a big problem with the electorate for years because they stopped paying attention to the cultural zeitgeist, and said if they really wanted to promote limited government to minority groups they could always come out against the drug war.

Uygur highlighted passages in the report on minority outreach and organizing focus groups, pointing out how the awkward slavery moment at CPAC might have thrown a wrench in those plans. He noted how the whole thing smells like pandering, to which Republican commentator Lenny McAllister agreed and added that a big problem within the GOP is a diversity issue, and not just on race, but on diversity of thought. He said much of the GOP has forgotten that they are supposed to govern over a diverse nation, not simply a nation of red states.

Uygur brought up statistics showing Republicans did very well with minority voters before the 1992 presidential election, and since then they have lost four out of six elections. Kirell said the GOP got lost in the wilderness because it did not keep its finger on the cultural pulse and has not much cared to reach out to young voters. And for all the autopsy’s recommendations of listening to minorities’ concerns, Kirell predicted all of that would likely be tossed out come election time.

Uygur suggested the problem isn’t just that the Republican party appears to be unwelcoming of minority voters, but that they have very unwelcoming political positions. McAllister said the party needs to have conservative solutions that work in urban areas instead of taking what “we’re used to” and “trying to jam it down these voters’ throats.” Kirell added that Republicans could come out against the drug war, which adversely affects minority communities at a disproportionate rate, but doubted it would actually happen.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Current TV:


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