Mediaite‘s Colby Hall and Tucker Carlson Go At It Over Guns: ‘I’m Sorry You’re Mad’

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson clashed with Mediaite managing editor Colby Hall over his column that claimed the “scariest part” of the Las Vegas shooting is that the pro-gun advocates say that “nothing can be done.”

The Fox News host took objection to this portion of the column:

To the pundits who say there’s nothing that can be done I say, let’s at least try. Anything else is cowardly and embarrassing and to suggest as much is shallow, craven and an irresponsible use of your broadcast power.

Carlson accused Hall of “putting his virtue on display” and that he himself has no solution.

“So let me ask you point blank: what is the solution to what you call ‘gun violence’ to shootings like yesterday?” Carlson asked. “What gun laws should Congress be taking up, should pundits be advocating for that would have prevented that?”


Hall pointed to the “assailant” that illegally upgraded his semi-automatic weapon into an automatic one and said those should be outlawed. He also called for “better background checks” closing loopholes in the secondary market.

Carlson then played his personal insult card, saying “I want to take you seriously — as hard as your piece makes that for me,” before pointing to a letter written by the Obama-era’s ATF that the bump stock was legal and asking Hall if the shooter didn’t have if he wouldn’t have killed as many people. Hall then called Carlson “craven” for “playing politics” by invoking the Obama administration.

“I’m not playing politics,” Carlson denied. “I’m giving you facts! There’s nothing craven about it!”

Carlson argued that banning bump stock “would not have saved a massive number of lives” then asked how many mass shootings have used bump stocks, to which Hall pointed to Las Vegas massacre.


Carlson accused Hall of being “totally ignorant” on the subject of guns. And before wrapping up, he asked how many semi-automatic weapons are out there, to which”I’m gonna guess — too many.”

After Carlson expressed frustration with background checks to which Hall said “I’m sorry you’re mad.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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