Mediaite’s Colby Hall Discusses If Julian Assange Is A Hero Or Villain On Fox News

Mediaite Managing Editor  Colby Hall joined Shepard Smith on Studio B to discuss the ongoing intrigue surrounding Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks story.  What fascinated Shep was that this story did not break along traditional party lines, and Hall agreed, noting that since the extremes of both sides of the political spectrum were ultimately in favor of transparency, it is hard to determine whether Assange will ultimately be viewed as a hero or a villain.

Shep also wondered why the media has focused more on the messenger of the news, instead of the actual information being disclosed.  Hall explained the fascination with the story due to the “healthy amount of skepticism towards government right now” and since “people aren’t comfortable with the government holding secrets.”  What Shep fails to realize though is that if the media did not focus on the messenger, then he would be deprived of the opportunity to have fun elongating the pronunciation of “Assange” in his uniquely humorous way.

Watch the clip from FOX News Channel’s Studio B below:

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