Mediaite’s Colby Hall on Why Pelosi Doesn’t Want Impeachment: Dems Want to Run Against Trump in 2020


Mediaite founding editor Colby Hall appeared on Law & Crime Wednesday for an interview with Bob Bianchi on a fissure in the Democratic party over whether President Donald Trump should face impeachment proceedings.

Hall explained, for the Law & Mediaite segment on our sister network, how the divide has manifested: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi first said she’s not interested in impeaching the president, calling the process divisive, while Rep. Adam Schiff has argued  Trump’s legal woes are far from finished.

Schiff said on MSNBC Wednesday morning that if there is insufficient evidence in the Mueller report, Congress could still find crimes worthy of removing the president from office. The Democratic lawmaker cited Russians laundering money through the Trump organization as one such potential crime.

When Bianchi asked whether impeachment proceedings would be valuable simply in “exposing the misdeeds,” Hall replied that Pelosi’s calculation is a political one.

“What is politically expedient is really the issue,” he said. “It’s not a criminal trial, it’s a political one. You cannot indict a sitting president.”

Hall pointed out that Bill Clinton was the last president to be impeached, but he was ultimately cleared in the Senate.

“What Nancy Pelosi is saying is basically, unless there’s bipartisan support, he won’t be removed from office through impeachment proceedings, so why even bother. But the subtext of that, is that what serves Democrats best is running against President Trump in 2020. And oddly, what serves best for Donald Trump is to run against Democrats trying to unfairly impeach him,” Hall said.

“So that’s why up is down and black is white: you have the president arguing for unfair impeachment proceedings and the Democrats saying, ‘We’re not touching it.'”

Watch above, via Law & Crime.

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