Mediaite’s Joe Concha: Ray Kelly ‘Deserves the Respect of Being Heard’ and Not Heckled

Mediaite’s Joe Concha joined CNN anchor Erin Burnett on Wednesday night to react to New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly being heckled at Brown University. Concha said too many young people seem to think confrontation is the answer to everything instead of giving him his due respect and hearing what he has to say.

Concha said, “The only way you’re going to solve any problems is to listen once in a while.” He said reality shows and cable news, two dominant forms of entertainment consumed by young people, value confrontation over debate, and Concha took a dig at Fox News and MSNBC for encouraging this.

Safiya Songhai called this a “day of victory” because rather than “sitting on the sidelines on issues like racial profiling,” young people actually stood up for what they believe in. Concha insisted he “deserved the respect of being heard.”

Burnett also brought up the hecklers at Obama’s speech, and they all agreed that “civility seems to be dead.” Concha added, “Any column I write gets personal and nasty in the comments section” because of the anonymity that comes with online commenting.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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