Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar Visits CNBC To Talk Egypt’s ‘Social Media Revolution’

Our own Rachel Sklar made an appearance on CNBC with writer and filmmaker Parvez Sharma to discuss whether the use of Twitter and other media platforms in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries on the brink of sweeping changes heralds a “Social Media Revolution.”

Sharma disagreed with the idea, noting how much of Egypt’s population cannot currently afford smartphones, Droids and iPhones with internet access and that, “when you are facing bullets, millions of you, standing in Tahrir Square, the last thing you can do is Tweet.” While he mentions that there are about 20 or 30 people keeping the world at large updated, they have limited access to internet and represent only than the less than one percent of Egyptians who have access to this sort of social media technology.

Sklar pointed to the “great coordination on the social level” inspired by the sort of citizen reporter coverage of Egypt, keeping millions of people abreast via Twitter, YouTube videos, and other forms of communication. She added that the “fervor” of the movement to impart change in Egypt was greatly supported by the ability to send messages out and share concerns, ideas and news with others.

“Once the ball starts rolling,” she observed, “there’s no question that technology helps it roll much faster.”

Watch video of the discussion from CNBC:

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