Mediaite’s Thaddeus Russell Talks ‘Liberal War Hawks’ with FBN’s Stossel

Mediaite guest contributor Thaddeus Russell appeared on FBN’s Stossel last night to discuss his recent column, “Killing to Save in Syria: When Liberalism is Lethal.”

Speaking with host John Stossel, Russell explained his central thesis that while progressive ideology is deeply rooted in the desire to “rescue” other countries, it comes with the unfortunate “obligation to kill.”

Ultimately, Russell suggests, as a result, “when the United States has taken on the responsibility for the well-being of humanity, it has destroyed far more lives than it has saved.” As he tells Stossel, progressives need to take that history into account before advocating for more humanitarian interventions abroad.

Read the column HERE. And then take a look at the segment below, via FBN:

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