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Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar Discusses Keith Olbermann And Current TV On Joy Behar

Mediaite’s own Rachel Sklar visited Joy Behar‘s HLN show to discuss, among other things, Keith Olbermann‘s move to Current TV.

Behar had a bit of fun at Current TV’s expense, joking about not being able to even find it. Sklar had a more diplomatic take on what Olbermann could do for Al Gore‘s less-than-flourishing (and, apparently, hard to find) network:

They need something. I mean, this is a great move for Olbermann, too. He gets to say that… You know, Current is starting from, you know, not the position of being the highest-rated network on cable… so he’s going to be able to say he was able to say “I build up a network, again.” ‘Cause he’s going to bring people in. And Olbermann is most comfortable as an underdog; he really is.

Behar then discussed whether the new Powers That Be at Comcast let Olbermann go because they had taken issue with him, personally, but Sklar quite accurately pointed out that Olbermann has been “brewing discontent there (at MSNBC) for some time now,” long before Comcast stepped into the picture.

Watch the segment for yourselves, via HLN:

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