Medical Analyst to Fox & Friends: ‘Which Cookies Have the Marijuana in Them?’

Fox medical analyst Dr. Mark Siegel took to Fox & Friends Thursday morning to warn of the “big problem” of “masked marijuana,” in which pot appears in more tantalizing, less explicit forms (as opposed to alcohol, which is just a walking warning label). Won’t somebody please think of the children, or at the very least, New York Times columnists?

To demonstrate the evils of costumed cannabis, Siegel administered a series of tests. “Tell me which cookies have the marijuana in them?” he demanded of hosts Steve Doocy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, presenting two identical cookies, just as would happen in real life.

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“Well, they both have M&Ms on the top,” Doocy tried. Wrong!

Hasselbeck, mind, was able to successfully detect the pot-laced sweets in two of the three trials. Take from that what you will, though it definitely seemed to weaken Siegel’s warning that parents “can’t tell the difference” between the marijuana edibles they themselves buy and the visually identical sweets they would have sitting around for some reason.

Watch the clip below — seriously, it’s a good’n — via Fox News:

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