Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Throw Down Over Iran Deal in Explosive View Clash: ‘That is INSANE!’


The View‘s Joy Behar and Meghan McCain came to blows Tuesday in a shouting match over President Donald Trump‘s controversial offer to meet with Iran without preconditions.

Panelist Whoopi Goldberg first raised the topic, wondering why Trump was focusing on Iran before he’d even effectively addressed North Korea’s reportedly growing stockpile of nuclear weapons.

“He may want to finish that first,” she noted.

Behar felt the the president’s lack of attention to the unsolved matter was childlike rather than a show of leadership.

“He’s like a child,” she said. “They’re only in the moment. He’s like that. He’s got the brain of a toddler.

Behar also didn’t see how Iran was high on Trump’s list of priorities, crediting the Obama-era nuclear deal as having worked as a temporary fix.

“Everything was kind of calm for awhile,” Behar said. “Obama did something. And now [Trump is] stirring up Iran. Why?”

McCain then jumped in, pouncing on the deal as “the number one thing that I was petrified by” under the Obama administration, calling it “insane” that the U.S. “could ever trust a country where the people go out in the streets and scream ‘death to America, death to Israel.'”

But Behar didn’t seem as concerned, claiming no one was showing trust of Iran, but that it was expected the status of its nuclear program would be monitored.

Frustrated by Behar’s remarks, McCain accused her of touting “such ridiculous spin,” adding that “we cannot trust Iran ever.”

“It seems right now we can’t trust anybody,” Goldberg said.

Watch the clip above via The View.

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