Meghan McCain: Buzzfeed Report Hurt ‘Legitimate Questions’ About Trump, Russia


The hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered discussed Donald Trump‘s explosive press conference today, and Meghan McCain lamented the current state of journalism and how “fake news” prevents the media from addressing major issues.

During his event, Trump ripped into BuzzFeed and other outlets for publishing an unverified dossier which suggested that Russian hackers who influenced the election had information that would “compromise” the president-elect. Major details about the story have been called into question, and today’s #OneLuckyGuy Bret Baier noted how much of Trump’s presser was devoted to blasting the story.

Soon afterwards, McCain voiced that she has legitimate concerns about Trump and Russia, yet they got lost in the mix because BuzzFeed “has now turned all of this into a fake news story”:

“It really has hurt the legitimate questions that a lot of people have. And when you’re talking about fake news, I take such offense at the idea that, I don’t know what BuzzFeed is doing, I couldn’t possible get in the head of [Editor in Chief] Ben Smith, but he has hurt the legitimate concerns of the intelligence community, and people have concerns about Russia, by blasting all of this trash all over the Internet.”

McCain would go on to say that Trump’s slams on the media today was a sign that journalists “have got to start actually doing their jobs,” and not report with a liberal bias.

“There is a complete and total breakdown and distrust, specifically with Republicans in the media right now, awe are in such an incredibly dangerous place,” McCain said. “They are hurting actual journalists doing their jobs, it is unbelievable.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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