Meghan McCain Calls Out Jared and Ivanka for Ignoring ‘Dystopian’ Trump Rally: ‘If it Were My Parent…?!’


The View tore into President Donald Trump as they discussed his racially-charged feud with progressive congresswomen and the chants of “send her back” from his rally in North Carolina — with Meghan McCain laying part of the blame at the feet of the president’s daughter and son-in-law.

Whoopi Goldberg began the discussion by remarking on how the invectives to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar have reached a new level, and that they beg questions such as “What is the message?” and “Who are we sending back?”

Sunny Hostin spoke about how she and her family have experienced similar discriminatory statements, and that Trump’s original “go back” remarks would be a fireable offense under a different set of circumstances.

“You can sue that person or get fired for that,” Hostin said. “What does it say that the Executive in Chief of the United States of America is saying it about a congresswoman?…He’s supposed to be the moral leader of this country.”

Meghan McCain called the rally “really dystopian,” and said the chants against Omar take away from chances to for critics to scrutinize the congresswoman on policy.

“[Y]ou’re making this about race, xenophobia,” she said.

McCain added:

“Let me tell you. Republicans right now, we may be in power and have popularity, and Trump’s numbers may be very high, but let me tell you, it’s my generation that’s going to answer for this. Try selling conservatism to a younger generation when all they see is this kind of crap on TV, and the Trump Administration, all of you: Ivanka, Jared because you’re in my age range, where are you on this?”

“If it were my parent…?!” McCain said, without finishing the thought.

Joy Behar said the onus is on Republicans to speak against Trump now, to which, McCain agreed. Goldberg eventually got back in with a monologue about how inciting violence against others would normally draw massive condemnation, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Trump.

“He doesn’t care or doesn’t acknowledge the fact that what he is doing is possibly inciting violence towards these women, and women who are saying ‘this is wrong. I don’t like this,'” Goldberg said.

Watch above, via ABC.

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