comScore Meghan McCain Calls Out Lesley Stahl For Reporting on ‘Semi-Private’ Trump Chat: It ‘Feels Weird to Me’

Meghan McCain Calls Out Lesley Stahl For Reporting on ‘Semi-Private’ Trump Chat: It ‘Feels Weird to Me’

Meghan McCain had a bit of a tussle with her co-hosts on The View today when they discussed what Lesley Stahl revealed about Donald Trump‘s war on the media.

Earlier this week, Stahl spoke about what it was like to meet with the president in 2016 when she went to Trump Tower to conduct a post-election interview for 60 Minutes. In what a CBS spokesperson described as a “semi-private” moment, Stahl asked Trump why he constantly attacks the press. The 60 Minutes correspondent said that the president basically admitted to discrediting the press in order to inoculate himself from negative stories.

McCain expressed disapproval because Stahl might’ve broken the rules of journalism by revealing information that was supposed to stay off-the-record.

“Off-the-record is off-the-record. I don’t know what she is talking about, maybe it was on the record when she was with her boss and him, but I would assume they were maybe talking on background. I have my issues with the way trump treats the media…but there is also on this end, the breakdown of trust and the traditions of journalism are maybe going out the window.”

From there, McCain debated Sunny Hostin on whether Stahl’s “semi-private” conversation meant that Trump’s remarks were formally off-the-record. McCain made her argument while recalling how Stahl interviewed her father several months ago, and Stahl spent several hours interacting with the McCain family off-the-record.

Hostin noted that Stahl hasn’t said anything about her off-the-record conversations with the McCains, so she knows how to distinguish what can and cannot be publicly disclosed. McCain acknowledged Hostin might be correct, but “it still feels weird to me.”

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