Meghan McCain Can’t Even With Trump and Bill Taylor on Her Birthday: ‘Highly Unethical … Smoking Gun’


Meghan McCain celebrated her birthday with her colleagues on The View today, and she refused to let Bill Taylor’s testimony about President Donald Trump’s apparent quid pro quo ruin the festivities.

As the panel celebrated McCain’s 35th, they also talked about how Taylor said in his opening statement to Congress that U.S. aid to Ukraine was contingent on whether the Ukrainian government would agree to Trump’s request and publicly announced an investigation of Joe Biden and the 2016 election. Abby Huntsman praised Taylor’s career history in the conversation, and she slammed Trump and the GOP for their efforts to dismiss his remarks.

“His only interest is serving the American people. It is not serving Donald Trump.” Huntsman said. “What more do you need? I’m frankly so tired of the president and the White House tearing down the best of this country.”

When the Taylor conversation resumed after the break, McCain was given the floor for her take on the situation. “This is just killing my vibe,” McCain said before laying out her 25 second birthday political analysis.

“I just can’t today. I’m so sorry. I would love to stay on this, but it’s like, it’s really bad. It looks like it’s highly unethical, and it looks like the smoking gun. That’s my political analysis for today. It’s my 35th birthday, and I want to move on. I’m not going to let Trump ruin my birthday.”

McCain’s remarks drew cheers from the audience and from the table, and her co-hosts agreed to move ahead after she finished lamenting Republicans who “sold their souls” for Trump.

Watch above, via ABC.

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