Meghan McCain Clashes With Joy Behar Over Media Bias: Time‘s ‘King’ Trump Cover ‘Moves the Needle No Place’


Meghan McCain collided with her fellow panelists on The View today — this time over media bias and the reasons why President Donald Trump‘s supporters around the country aren’t phased by negative news coverage.

The conversation was focused on Time Magazine‘s new cover depicting Trump looking in a mirror and seeing himself as a king. As the ladies reflected on the recent news and suggested that TIME accurately depicted Trump’s perspective, McCain said the cover is good for riling up the media, but Middle America doesn’t acknowledge or care about it.

As McCain cycled through polls saying more Americans believe the mainstream media churns out fake news, Joy Behar argued that Trump’s attacks on the press are causing “the erosion of democracy.” McCain met her halfway and said some parts of Trump Administration resemble a “dictatorship,” but she stuck to her point that Trump has seized on the anger people have for liberal bias in the media.

“You know I have so many issues with President Trump, but it works on me too,” McCain said. “I find myself being, like, ‘yes, I hate the media as well, they are out to get us’ as well.”

The conversation continued to heat up as McCain advised her colleagues to not underestimate Trump’s popularity because “that Time Magazine cover moves the needle no place.” Behar said TIME was just “preaching to the choir” now, but McCain continued to warn that this kind of media bias will not resonate with the rest of the country.

“If you’re up all night, and can’t sleep, and we’re in the seventh circle of hell under the Trump presidency, if I were a Democrat right now, I would be coming up with different ways to start communicating with the middle of the country, which as far as I can see, you are not.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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