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Meghan McCain Fires Back at Trump Pushing Russia to G7: Putin is Getting Everything He Wanted

On The View on Monday, the hosts discussed President Donald Trump‘s blow-up with America’s G7 allies, and talked specifically about his pressing Vladimir Putin‘s interest in returning Russia to the group.

Meghan McCain crushed the topic, basically asking what happened to America being pro-democracy and anti-dictator.

“I have been so upset, deeply upset, over the idea that we would possibly let Russia back into the G8––G7,” McCain began. “I think people need to understand that in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea, which was part of the Ukraine, it was the first violation of European country’s border since World War II. Putin is using aggression, he has blood lust for the Soviet Union, and he is going to try to expand into Europe in every way possible and undermine democracy.”

The point about Putin’s ultimate aims is vital to understanding the current American debate over Russia and foreign policy, and to understanding the viewpoint of American allies. Russia is not merely a specter conjured occasionally to frighten Democrat children about elections and Facebook, but a geopolitical rival of the most serious kind. McCain is pointing out that the character of Vladimir Putin is that of a hegemon, not a public servant.

McCain continued with an even more sweeping point. “We as Americans in the G7, we with our allies, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the point of this is that we do not agree, we do not stand for tyranny, for dictatorship, for killing journalists, for killing people who speak out,” she said.

McCain said that Americans need to look into the 2014 opposition protests in Kiev, where people clamored for democracy and resisted Putin’s regime, and wondered if President Trump needed to brush up on his history as well.

“Do we as Americans believe in freedom and democracy in Europe,” she demanded. “Or do we believe in tyranny and dictatorships where you can just kill people at any moment?”

An important question. Followed by an important observation:

“It is petrifying going forward in our world globally and what it means for the expansion — Putin is getting everything he wants. He is probably laughing his face off, and he is getting more and more powerful and why did we even engage in the Cold War?”

The entire discussion is interesting. Watch above, courtesy of ABC.

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