Meghan McCain: GOP Must Accept Climate Change or There Will Be ‘No F*cking Fish to Get’

TakePart Live Host Meghan McCain said Monday that her fellow Republicans need to start addressing the effects of climate change if for no reason other than that they won’t be able to hunt or fish anymore.

McCain’s remarks came after thousands of climate change protesters marched in New York City over the weekend.

“I do watch Fox News at night on occasion — and a lot of the time you see people throwing around climate change, ‘of course climate change isn’t real, this is just a liberal issue,'” McCain said. “And I think this is a cultural issue.”

She continued: “I just think if we make this more accessible to people and turn this into a cultural issue — meaning, Republicans you’re not going to be able to hunt and fish as much — which I love doing — if there is no fucking fish to get!”

Co-host Jacob Soboroff agreed, taking his own shot at the GOP. “Put this shit on a beta tape or on a dvd and send it to all the Republicans without internet,” he said.

Watch via Pivot:

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