Meghan McCain Grills John Bolton For Appropriating Hamilton Song for Book Title: It’s ‘Insulting’ to ‘Co-Opt Art’


Former White House national security adviser John Bolton faced the scrutiny of a notable Hamilton fan on Wednesday when he was interrogated for lifting a song from the musical to use it as the name of his new memoir.

In an interview with the The View, Bolton dove into the foreign policy blunders and possibly-impeachable conduct he described of President Donald Trump in his new book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir. The title is a reference to The Room Where It Happens, one of Hamilton’s biggest musical numbers. The show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, slammed Bolton for appropriating his work when Bolton could’ve taken his claims against Trump before Congress.

Meghan McCain had Bolton respond to Manuel’s charge, asking “Do you understand it’s a song about someone being unprincipled and do you understand why it’s insulting to those of us who are fans of Hamilton to co-opt art from Lin-Manuel Miranda for your own political purposes?”

“I think you have mischaracterized what was done,” Bolton responded, arguing the title was derived from a phrase George Washington frequently used. “So it’s a fair use, and I think it summarizes what we were trying to do.”

“Do you understand why fans of Hamilton would be angry at its use though?” McCain asked again.

“Look. I’m a fan of Hamilton too,” Bolton said, “and the exact story that that song was predicated on was the critical deal where Hamilton negotiating with Jefferson and Monroe got the Southerners to agree for a federal assumption for all the state debts in exchange for the capital on the Potomac…I don’t see why people should be upset about the depiction of that event where, to this day, nobody really does exactly know what happened at that dinner, in the room where that compromise was made.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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