Meghan McCain: If Trump is Taking Cues from Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham on Immigration, Why Not Put Them in Charge?


The way Meghan McCain sees it, President Donald Trump should come right out and officially fold Fox News figures into his administration — if that’s where he’s getting his biggest policy ideas.

The panel on The View kicked off the week by discussing the messiness surrounding Kirstjen Nielsen‘s ouster as Homeland Security Secretary. This prompted a debate on whether Trump is living up to his immigration campaign promises and whether Nielsen “sold her soul” by advancing his policy of separating migrant families at the border (a practice which POTUS reportedly wants to resume).

McCain noted that border security is a high-priority issue for numerous voters — arguing that the “border crisis” is real and Trump has yet to fulfill his promise of stopping it. She added that Dobbs called on Trump to fire Nielsen two weeks ago, so McCain wondered why the president doesn’t just go ahead and make the Fox Business host his official policymaker.

“If people like Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham are dictating policy and who has a job in the White House and who doesn’t, why don’t you make Lou Dobbs the person in charge of this since this is the person it seems you’re listening to?”

McCain and Joy Behar neared a boiling point at one point in the discussion, but Whoopi Goldberg — perhaps sensing what was about to happen again — intervened to make sure everyone at the table got their say.

Throughout his presidency, Trump’s parroting of Fox’s programming has been covered exhaustively. The relationship between Fox News and the Trump presidency is underlined by the fact that numerous figures from the network went on to work in the administration

Watch above, via ABC.

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