Meghan McCain: If We Nominate Gingrich It Is ‘The End Of The Republican Party’

On Monday’s Now with Alex Wagner, MSNBC contributor Meghan McCain was beside herself over Republican frontrunner Newt Gingrich‘s physical absence from Iowa, just weeks away from the caucuses, also expressing disgust over his comments on judicial activism. “I can’t handle it!” McCain exclaimed. “As a Republican, this is the end of the Republican Party if we nominate this man.”

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McCain was responding to a report that Gingrich was staying home for the holidays, watching his wife play the French horn at a Christmas concert and noted that when her father was campaigning for President, he didn’t take a break.

“That’s the thing I can’t understand, someone on the road –you are on the road! I don’t think we spent Christmases at home. I think I spent Christmas in New Hampshire if I remember correctly,” McCain observed. “It is baffling! Everything he does, it’s like, ‘hit me again, crazy!’ I literally can’t get enough. This judge thing is my new favorite thing. It’s clearly insane. It’s out of a science fiction novel.”

Watch McCain’s jab at Gingrich, that he would spell doom for the Republican Party below via MSNBC:

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