Meghan McCain Invites Glenn Beck on Her Show to Apologize for ‘F*cked’ Up Comments

On CNN over the weekend conservative media mogul Glenn Beck expressed remorse for “stupid things” he’s said in the past. Meghan McCain wants to know if he’s specifically sorry for pretending to vomit at the sight of her bare shoulders.

“The most fucked up, disgusting, worst, most insulting things anyone has ever said about me, hands-down, ever, in my entire life, came out of this man’s mouth,” McCain, host of Pivot’s TakePart Live, said Monday. “So, what I want to know is, does he regret that?”

In 2011, McCain appeared in a video ad with other celebrities to raise awareness for skin cancer. McCain appears to wearing neither a shirt nor bra.

On Beck’s radio program, he spent nearly 10 minutes making vomit noises while discussing the ad.

“Do you regret barfing into the camera and pretending to barf for 15 minutes at the idea of me doing a PSA for skin cancer?” McCain said on her show.

“In all seriousness,” she continued, “if Glenn Beck wants to come on this show, i’m open to having a conversation with him. I think pigs will fly out my ass sooner than that man will come on my show but we can try.”

We’ve requested comment from Beck.

Watch via Pivot:

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