Meghan McCain On Christine O’Donnell: “She’s Out Of Her Frickin’ Mind”

Meghan McCain was in a good mood last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night – her dad had won re-election, the GOP took the House.

But she also was ready to take some shots at Republicans like Christine O’Donnell and Bristol Palin.

While McCain enjoyed Election Night, she was also 0-4 in her predictions for the night (Christine O’Donnell, Meg Whitman, Sharron Angle, Charlie Crist). But while she picked O’Donnell to pull out the shocking upset, it didn’t mean she liked her. “I was never a fan of Christine O’Donnell,” said McCain. “You know, she’s out of her frickin’ mind. So I’m glad she’s not in the Senate.”

Leno asked McCain about Bristol Palin, who said she didn’t vote in Tuesday’s election. “I guess it’s only important for Bristol Palin to vote for Dancing With The Stars,” McCain said.

Then it was time for the new Leno segment That’s Un-Presidential. What does Meghan McCain think is un-presidential? “I think it’s un-presidential to do a reality show,” she said of Sarah Palin. But also, earlier, of Pres. Barack Obama: “I just think it’s not so presidential to an interview with the producer of The Kardashians.”

It will be interesting to see what Meghan McCain’s role will be in the run-up to 2012. Will she endorse a candidate, will it be the same person as her dad and will, if Sarah Palin really does run, it be the former VP candidate?

Here’s the interview, featuring McCain’s guess on whether Palin will run in 2012 (“that girl is running for President!”):

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