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Meghan McCain On Glenn Beck’s ‘Ridiculous’ Vomiting: ‘No Man Will Ever Make Me A Victim’

Meghan McCain stopped by and chatted with Jay Leno last night to talk about her dating life and appearing “naked” in a PSA for skin cancer. Leno brought up Glenn Beck‘s much criticized response to the commercial and McCain took on Beck, with much approval from the studio audience.

Leno agreed that McCain had a right to be upset, since Beck’s vomiting at McCain appearing naked was “just cruel” and not even an attempt at being funny. McCain responded, “no man will ever make me a victim, least of all Glenn Beck and I just thought it was ridiculous.” She said she was sick of such a “toxic message being sent to young women” and that “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” Then, presumably joking, McCain promised “my father was tortured in prison, he can definitely kick [Beck’s] ass.”

In other news, her dating life isn’t going so well, but not because of Beck, it’s because of Sarah Palin. Whenever she goes on dates, apparently the guy always asks her for gossip on Palin, which she admits “doesn’t put me in the mood, talking about Sarah Palin.” Therefore, since she’s sick of talking about Palin, she’s on a hiatus from dating. So sorry Beck, looks like you won’t be able to make it up to Meghan by taking her out on a date.

Watch the clip from NBC below:

(h/t Business Insider)

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