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Meghan McCain Questions Katie Hill on Resignation: ‘You Were Sleeping With a Member of Your Campaign Staff’

Meghan McCain point-blank asked former Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) Friday on The View why she was sleeping with a member of her staff, to which the recently resigned representative stated, “I believe I’ve taken full accountability by stepping down.”

McCain began the segment by expressing her sympathy for Hill, stating, “I have compassion for you,” over nude photos being leaked of the former member of Congress with a campaign staffer.

“I think any revenge porn of any kind of horrific. I’ve interviewed many women who have been victims, and I think there should be laws everywhere that it should be illegal because I think it’s very dangerous and can really ruin a lot of people’s lives in a lot of way. I have compassion for you, and I didn’t think it was right for those photos to be published anywhere,” McCain stated.

McCain, though, then said, “I think my problem is that you were running for Congress, and you were sleeping with a member of your staff. And I think that in this era it’s sort of naive to think that if you were doing something like that, that someone wouldn’t find out and it wouldn’t be a salacious scandal. I know that you think it was poor judgment in hindsight. But nothing stays hidden in solitics, so why would you take that risk?”

Hill then acknowledged her mistake and stated she had rectified it, in resigning from the elected office she was sent to represent.

“It didn’t happen in a way that you were conscience — I knew from the very beginning that it was a risk but what I would say that I was in the middle of a tumultuous relationship in an incredibly stressful time working with an incredibly close team in the trenches with them and a relationship formed that shouldn’t have formed.”

Hill continued, “I’m very well aware of that, and I believe I’ve taken full accountability by stepping down. I’ve been asked over and over do you regret stepping down? Do you think that with everything that’s going on, should you have stepped down? I say, well, I have a lot of reasons that I stepped down, but one of the biggest is that I can take the question off the table of whether I should or shouldn’t be able to set this example.”

In conclusion, Hill added that, “I would say I was always afraid of it, but I was — but, you end up in those kinds of situations, and it just was sort of what happened.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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