Meghan McCain Questions If Palin’s Reality Show Is “The Most Presidential Behavior”

Meghan McCain continued her book tour last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (she previously appeared semi-regularly on Leno’s former 10pm show).

She talked candidly about Sarah Palin, being told she had “stripper hair” and she called Leno a jerk.

Leno asked McCain about Palin’s prospects for President in 2012. “I don’t know if doing a reality show is necessarily the most presidential behavior,” she said. “But Obama made anything possible so I don’t know.” And right now, she’s firmly “Team Romney.”

She also described her initial reaction to Palin when she was informed of the pick an hour before going onstage, which was “who the hell is Sarah Palin, like everybody else.”

McCain said during the campaign she was sent to an image consultant (“I got sent to one of those once” joked Leno). Apparently she was told she had “stripper hair” and to lower her voice when speaking and not sound like a “valley girl.” Also, her independent blog during the campaign, (which essentially turned into her Twitter feed), was her own creation because “I was never very popular” and was being held out of the campaign.

At one point Leno joked about the length of the book, 195 pages, and said “If you don’t get it you can slip it right under the door.” “That’s such a jerk thing to say,” said McCain. “I worked a year on that! Whatever.”

Part 1 of the interview:

Part 2

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