Meghan McCain Rages Against Twitter, Jack Dorsey: A Photo of a ‘Glock Pointed at My Head’ Was Allowed to Go Viral


Meghan McCain went after Twitter and its CEO, Jack Dorsey, on Thursday as she raised questions about the offensive and provocative material allowed to stay up on the social networking site.

McCain’s comments came during a conversation on The View about Twitter deciding that a video of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan comparing Jews to termites is not a violation of their rules. The panel pored through Farrakhan’s history of anti-Semitic comments, discussing how much protection those types of remarks have under the First Amendment and whether Twitter needs a new policy to deal with such statements.

McCain recalled a picture of her that got traction online while she was grieving for her father, the late Senator John McCain. The image showed a photoshopped gun being pointed at the head of the senator’s daughter while she tearfully stood at her dad’s casket.

McCain said the picture was only scrubbed after her husband “went ape-crap,” called people he knew in Congress, and generated enough pressure to make the company take it down. She also said that Dorsey has not apologized to her personally after he supposedly promised to, which added even more pain to the trauma of losing her father.

“Technology has real ramifications, it made that experience exponentially more hurtful,” McCain said. “I have a husband who knows congresspeople, my father was a sitting senator, so it got taken down at some point. What if you are somebody who lives in Ohio, who has something like this doctored, who doesn’t have this kind of access? They have to do better.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman said she recently met with Dorsey, and added, “I think he’s in over his head.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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