Meghan McCain Rages in Fiery View Rant: Trump’s Going to Get Reelected, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

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It’s been a very intense day for Meghan McCain and her colleagues on The View.

After the conservative pundit’s icy chat with Joy Behar about Democrats embracing socialism ahead of 2020, the panel moved on to discuss the news from a White House whistleblower that the Trump Administration granted security clearances to dozens of people who were rejected after security vetting. As Abby Huntsman fumed about Republican “hypocrisy” on this issue and asked the “what if Obama?” question, Behar remarked “nothing like this even remotely close ever happened” in the previous administration.

McCain snickered at that remark and objected to the idea the Obama presidency was a “pristine, scandal-free, perfect administration that never did anything wrong.” She also complained about how “judgmental” it got for Republicans who were labelled “evil” for disagreeing with policies like the Iran nuclear deal.

When Sunny Hostin agreed with Behar that Obama’s presidency was “scandal-free,” McCain said “oh my God” and accused the panel of suggesting that she was praising Trump.

“I’m telling you. It is how we got Trump and it’s how you’re going to re-elect him. And when he’s re-elected, which at this point, I think he’s going to be, I hope you’ll listen to the points that I have given you.”

McCain finished by addressing some scattered booing from the audience, saying “I’m used to [it]. I’m fine.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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