Meghan McCain Says She Has a ‘Higher Likelihood of Getting Shot’ to Death in D.C. Than Dying of Covid


Meghan McCain, who is currently in Washington D.C., has claimed that she has a “higher likelihood of getting shot leaving this building” than she does of contracting the coronavirus.

McCain made the comment after co-host Joy Behar asked about the CDC’s updated data and recommendations on Covid-19 and the Delta variant, questioning if Americans should manage their expectations.

“I think that the White House should be honest with the American public and say that there is no going back to normal, and that taking off the mask was just a ruse,” McCain responded, adding, “There will probably be lockdowns, and again, Americans who want to live, as I said yesterday, this is literally going to become a state by state issue, and if you don’t want to live under masking and you don’t want to live under these mandates, unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to move to a state where they’re not going to do it — like in Arizona.”

McCain went on to say that she wishes there was greater priority placed on the rise in homicide rates and violence across the country, particularly in Washington D.C., where the host is currently staying.

“Quite frankly, I have a higher likelihood of getting shot leaving this building than I do of getting Covid,” she said. “From July 14th to the 28th, there were four Covid deaths and 11 homicides in Washington, D.C.”

The host went on to suggest that the Biden administration invite Donald Trump to encourage his supporters to receive the vaccine, prompting Behar to note that nobody is stopping him from doing so.

“I think it would be nice to see a bipartisan push formally together,” McCain added. “It’s just never going to happen.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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