Meghan McCain Shouts at Joy Behar Over Being The View‘s ‘Sacrificial Republican’: ‘Yelling at Me’ Won’t ‘Fix the Problem’


The View co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got into an angry clash on Wednesday afternoon after McCain suggested that some voters don’t agree with Donald Trump’s offensive views, they just “hate the same things” the president hates.

“Don’t belittle the crowd,” McCain advised her colleagues as they discussed Trump’s official re-election campaign launch in Orlando on Tuesday night. “Don’t belittle the enthusiasm. Democrats still have a lot to come. A lot of people are still enthusiastic, and one of my producers was saying, why do people love him so much?”

“Sometimes it’s not just they love Trump so much. It’s they hate the same things Trump hates. That’s what’s going on,” she added.

Behar pushed back by asking what groups of people they agree on hating: “Black people? Do you mean immigrants? Who do they hate?”

“You know what, Joy, I come here every day open-minded just trying to explain it and it’s not a fun job for me,” McCain seethed. “I know you’re angry, I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president, but I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem.”

“Am I yelling at her? Am I yelling?” Behar replied.

The daughter of late-Senator John McCain then added that it is also “hard for me to watch this,” particularly seeing the pro-Trump transformation of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who she “considered an uncle for a long time.”

“I was trying to explain that 2020 is not in the bag for you. It’s not,” continued McCain, while Whoopie Goldberg attempted to calm down the liberal-conservative debate duo, who asked that “everybody take a beat.”

Before closing the segment, McCain complained about “being the sacrificial Republican every day,” while also clarifying that “Joy and I call each other bitch all the time” after The View‘s Sunny Hostin asked that the two not use the expletive in their argument.

After the commercial break, McCain cleared the air by telling viewers “to stop being so precious about our relationship because it’s almost 2020, and women can debate on TV in a spirited way without it being personal, and I know this is a big shock. We get along backstage. I was just texting you.”

Watch both segments above, via ABC.

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