Meghan McCain Slams Media Silence on Gov Cuomo Sexual Misconduct Allegations: ‘That Pervert Should Resign’


Meghan McCain called out the media silence over sexual misconduct allegations against embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo that emerged Wednesday.

Democratic politician Lindsey Boylan — also a former Cuomo aide — published a lengthy column that accused the Governor of sexual harassment and creating “a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected.”

She specifically claimed the governor once remarked during a flight that they should play strip poker, and asked colleagues of her whereabouts because he had a “crush” on her. Cuomo has denied these allegations.

During a Thursday morning panel discussion on The View, Whoopi Goldberg first asked for Joy Behar’s thoughts on the controversy, who predictably “both sidesed” the issue by insisting that a number of allegations into misconduct by Republicans (Namely Jim Jordan, Brett Kavanaugh, and Donald Trump) all be investigated as well.

McCain was pleased by Behar’s mention of Kavanaugh, as it allowed her a natural segue into Gov. Cuomo’s past statement of support for the Supreme Court justice’s accuser, Christine Blassey Ford, which read: “To Dr. Chistine Blasey Ford, and all survivors sexual assault, we believe you, and we will fight for you.”

“By his own metric, believe all women, he is a pervert who has harassed women and he should resign immediately,” McCain said. She then turned to criticize the news coverage of this story, hitting the “silence of the media” and Senator Kristen Gillibrand specifically.

“Apparently if you are Governor Cuomo and your brothers the hosts a big CNN show, and you’re a Democrat, then there is a completely double standard,” she continued. “And I have to tell you, other than on this show, there’s a lot of people in the media, on CNN and MSNBC and other places that are really, really silent when it comes to any bad behavior in regards to Governor Cuomo.

“We can’t live in a country and a time where Democrats say ‘believe all women,’ oh, except if your politics don’t align.”

CNN has not yet covered the Cuomo allegation story and Stephanie Ruhle is the only personality on MSNBC to cover it as of publication of this story.

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