Meghan McCain Tears Into Republicans Backing Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Syria Pullout: ‘You Feckless, Unpatriotic Cowards!’


The View co-host Meghan McCain ripped apart President Donald Trump’s plan to pull troops out of northern Syria and essentially abandon Kurdish allies in the region.

“I’m going a little bit rogue but I’ve been so mad this morning and so upset about this news that we are abandoning our Kurdish allies in the Middle East. These are allies of ours that American soldiers are still continuing to fight alongside. All we did was arm them and they fought for America,” McCain said Monday.

“And to everyone in the White House and every Republican who was mad when President Obama pulled out of Iraq, you feckless unpatriotic cowards!” McCain exclaimed. “What message is this sending to our allies and American troops who have fought and died for this.”

“This is a great day for ISIS and a great day for Assad and shame on everyone who is supporting this,” she said.

Joy Behar asked, “why do you think this administration has decided to do it?”

McCain speculated it might be a “wag the dog” situation.

“You know when people are supporting the troops. You know when they’re looking out for the troops. This guy has not been doing that,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

“When people say we’re sick of fighting them we can fight them over there or we can fight them over here. I am a person who believes this will only get worse as it did when we left Iraq,” McCain said.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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