Meghan McCain: Trump Should Hire Some New Spokespeople

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live aftershow, Andy Cohen and Meghan McCain got political. They discussed McCain’s Twitter war with Ann Coulter, her opinions on the Women’s March and A Day Without a Woman, and why she said that Barack Obama is going to be “the most bitter ex-President that we’ve ever had.”

Speaking about Press Secretary Sean Spicer, she said that he’s become “a parody of himself.”

“He literally is Melissa McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy is Sean Spicer,” she continued.

McCain acknowledged that Spicer is in a “no-win” situation, because he’s just trying to keep his job, and said that the administration of President Donald Trump “would do very well if they hired some different surrogates, some different spokespeople altogether, because they’re all too famous… You know who they are. You know who Kellyanne Conway is. You know who all the people are in this administration.”

And, if they’re looking for names, McCain, said she’s got some.

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