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Meghan McCain’s New Boss Dishes On Her ‘Authentic’ Reality Show, Trashes ‘Misogynistic’ Tucker Carlson

Described as a cross between Meet the Press meets Jackass, Raising McCain is the name for Meghan McCain‘s latest vehicle. On Thursday, FishbowlNY spoke to Evan Shapiro, the president McCain’s new network, pivot (no, they don’t capitalize the ‘P’). Shapiro told FishbowlNY that they expect McCain to resonate with a new generation of television watchers. “Millennials view her as an authentic person and respond to her outspokenness and transparency,” Shapiro said. “When pivot ‘focus grouped’ McCain’s viability, respondents concurred.”

“The temptation is to take your life and Bravo-ize it,” Shapiro said of McCain’s upcoming program, suggesting that a boilerplate reality show was the original concept behind Raising McCain. But the program has since “morphed” into something that both McCain and her political parents are proud to release to the public.

Shapiro lashed out at Tucker Carlson, the co-creator of The Daily Caller, which recently published a cartoon featuring McCain in a low-cut top and mocking her for being inarticulate. Shapiro called the cartoon “disgusting and misogynistic.”

“A guy in his position to have said the things he did should be ashamed of himself,” Shapiro added of Carlson himself.

In a press release announcing the upcoming show, Raising McCain was described as “a genre-bending docu-talk series starring and executive produced by the complex and accomplished Meghan McCain.”


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