Meghan McCain Pans ‘Dangerous’ St. Louis Couple Waving Guns at Protesters: ‘She Could Have Easily Shot Her Husband in the Head!’


Meghan McCain had some mixed thoughts for the St. Louis couple that went viral this week for pulling guns on Black Lives Matter protesters marching through their neighborhood.

The View started their Tuesday by debating the incident where Mark and Patricia McCloskey brandished weapons at protesters who came near their house in a gated community. McCain defended the McCloskey’s right to own guns and defend themselves, but she also took a very disapproving tone for the couples’ techniques while holding their firearms.

This woman had her finger on the trigger the entire time. Trigger control is a big thing, especially with pistols. You’re never supposed to put your finger on the trigger unless you’re intending to aim and shoot and hit something. The man has no muzzle control whatsoever, which means the front part of AR-15, he’s pointing it in all directions, in all places. It’s highly, highly dangerous and irresponsible. There’s a clip at one point where she’s moving her pistol around. She could have easily shot her husband in the head, so I have a problem starting there.

McCain continued to describe the incident as an example of tensions around the country between protesters and people living in the suburbs.

“If a mob of people comes into your neighborhood and breaks a gate…people are going to feel intimidated,” she said. “I don’t agree with how they did it…But I think it’s a snapshot of what’s going on in America.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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