Meghan McCain’s ‘You Were at My Wedding Denise’ Clapback Shows Up on Jeopardy


Meghan McCain became a Jeopardy question on Friday night and the View co-host could not be more delighted.

The contestants on the popular game show were given the following prompt as read by Alex Trebek: “Twitter erupted when this co-host of ‘The View’ responded to a critic with a tweet ‘you were at my wedding Denise.’”

The question, in the category celebs on social media, was worth $2000 and the contestant got it right.

The Jeopardy prompt was, of course, inspired by McCain’s viral clapback to conservative commentator Denise McAllister, who had shared an article that appeared to be critical of McCain.

McAllister later said that she did not intend the article as a direct shot at McCain.

McCain’s remarks quickly inspired Twitter snark.

After the clapback went viral, McCain called the phrase — now a Jeopardy question — her “gift to the internet.”

Watch above, via ABC

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