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Megyn Kelly And Fox Guest Rail Against Obama’s Reverend Who Criticized ‘Religious Right’

The day after President Obama and his family attended what some are viewing as a controversial Easter sermon at St. John’s Church, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly kicked off her Monday afternoon show with a look at what Reverend Luis Leon said and why it has conservatives so angry. And she even teased the idea that Rev. Leon could become for the left what Dr. Ben Carson has come to represent on the right.

Leon, who replaced Rev. Louie Giglio as the presenter of the Benediction after Giglio’s past comments against homosexuality surfaced, reportedly said, “It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back.” He linked the current fight for gay marriage to past struggles for civil rights in America.

Kelly pointed out the irony to her guest, Fox News contributor Chris Stirewalt, that Leon was “praised” in January for being “open-minded” and “inclusive” in comparison to Giglio. Regarding his comments on Sunday, she said, “This doesn’t sound quite as inclusive.”

From there, Stirewalt explained that while liberals tend to preach tolerance for gays and lesbians along with other minorities, they believe that those who want to deny the rights of those groups are “not deserving of charity and not deserving of tolerance.” He added that those sentiments were “very much on display in Reverend Leon’s sermon” and reflect the current attitude of the left, which “equates anybody who has misgiving or the idea of the same-sex marriage and other things that liberals are enthusiastic about right now, with Jim Crow and segregation.”

Inevitably, Kelly and Stirewalt drew a comparison between Rev. Leon and another man who brought politics into a religious-based event attended by the president: Dr. Ben Carson. Carson used his platform at the National Prayer Breakfast in February to criticize Obamacare and took some heat from liberals who thought it was inappropriate to talk politics in that setting. Kelly asked if the same members of the left will critique Rev. Leon for injecting a political argument into an Easter sermon.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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