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Megyn Kelly And Monica Crowley Take On The ‘PC Police’ Removing Words Like ‘Dinosaur’ From NY Schools

Almost two years to the day after Fox & Friends dedicated multi-day coverage of the “Texas Textbook Wars”, changes in schools are back on Fox News. This time, however, the schools are far away from the Lone Star State and in the liberal bastion that is New York City. So, unsurprisingly, instead of celebrating an attempt to reduce “left-wing propaganda in textbooks,” Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley were up in arms over what they saw as the “PC Police” deleting certain words from New York tests so as to protect students sensibilities.

The words (which are being eliminated from public school tests, not curriculums) include “birthday” which is offensive to Jehovah’s Witnesses, “dinosaur” which is offensive to creationists, and Halloween which may be offensive if viewed in connection to Paganism. Meanwhile, no one seems to be concerned whether or not they offend Pagans. All those girls I dated in high school and college who said they were Wiccan are going to be furious.

The new guidelines also require that tests not mention swimming pools and computers in the specific context of being in personal homes as they may be distracting or insulting to children of low economic means. Both Kelly and Crowley thought this was all ridiculous, saying it sounded like a story from The Onion.

Whiiiiiiiiich brings us to what I think is the key component of this story. People, can we please stop saying that stories sound like they’re “from The Onion“? It is perhaps the most overused cliche in the news world second only to “Let’s go now to…” Seriously, this is as bad as those few years in the 2000s where every single piece of entertainment was described as being “like _______ on acid.”

Just stop!

Anyway, watch the clip from Fox News below:

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