Megyn Kelly Bashes Former Fox Colleague Neil Cavuto for Cutting Off Trump Campaign Presser: He’s ‘Not My Daddy’


Megyn Kelly swatted at her former Fox News colleague Neil Cavuto for refusing to air White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s unsubstantiated electoral fraud claims.

Kelly gave an interview to Eric Bolling on America This Week to discuss the state of affairs for journalism and public discourse following the 2020 Election. This largely consisted of Kelly maintaining her recent argument that President-Elect Joe Biden’s call for national unity is meaningless and disingenuous after leftists called Donald Trump’s supporters “racists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, and sexists” throughout his presidency.

Eventually, the two former Fox Newsers turned to the moment on Monday when Cavuto cut off McEnany’s press conference where she claimed Trump didn’t lose the 2020 election, and that Democrats are “welcoming” voter fraud and corruption. Bolling said it “blew me away” that Cavuto overrode McEnany, and Kelly agreed it was “really out of line” from him.

“Sorry Neil, but I thought it was really out of line,” Kelly said. “You don’t get to shut up the president or the White House press secretary because you think what she’s saying is untrue.”

Kelly went on by saying a journalist is supposed to allow political figures to say what they will and then provide facts and corrections afterwards. This would place journalists in an inherently subservient position with regard to their responsibility to challenge powerful individuals and hold them accountable for their words and actions.

“Neil Cavuto’s not my daddy,” she said. “I can handle hearing the words, and he can tell me what he thinks is actually true, and I can make up my own mind.”

Watch above, via Sinclair.

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