Megyn Kelly Battles Trump Defender: ‘Generally Predators Don’t Do It To Guy Friends’

megynMegyn Kelly clashed tonight with a Donald Trump supporter who said his attacks on the looks of the women making accusations against him is just his standard counterpunching.

David Wohl, who months ago defended Trump’s nasty Heidi Cruz retweet as satire, said that he has serious questions about all of the women making sexual assault and groping allegations against Trump. Kelly pushed back on some of what he said, including the suggestion that one of the women was reading from a script.

Kelly pointed out that while the veracity of these claims is not 100 percent certain, it was Trump himself “who told us he does this.”

Julie Roginsky then brought up Trump blatantly insulting the looks of two of his accusers, asking, “Do you have to be a supermodel to be sexually harassed?”

Kelly asked Wohl why Trump would be talking about the looks of these women. Wohl said that when people throw lies at Trump, “he’s gonna hit you back twice as hard.”

Wohl also said that this isn’t the Trump he knows, and Kelly fired back, “Generally the sexual predators don’t do it to their guy friends.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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