Megyn Kelly Blasts Those Sharing Sympathy For Men Accused of Harassment: Women’s Lives Were ‘Ruined!’

As Rose McGowan spoke to Megyn Kelly about Harvey Weinstein‘s arrest earlier today, the actress and the Today host both lamented the signs that some of the country’s most high-profile sexual abusers might be given second chances.

When McGowan talked about how long women have tried speaking out against sexual misconduct, she eventually brought up the idea of “#MeToo fatigue” among those who seem to have grown tired or apathetic of misconduct allegations against powerful men. Kelly made it clear that she had “zero tolerance” for the very notion of #MeToo fatigue, since sexual misconduct has destroyed the futures of far too many women.

“The empathy that’s going out to the men who have been swept up in this movement, could you give a minute’s thought to what their behavior has done to the women that they have come after!? Done to their careers, their mental well-being. women forced out of industry where’s they had immense talent and unlimited potential, but because a powerful man who was indispensable, labeled them a troublemaker, or quietly put an imprint on them that was false and negative, their lives were ruined!”

Watch above, via NBC.

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