Megyn Kelly Breaks Down In Laughter Over The ‘Terrifying’ New Fox News Alert Graphics

Fox News recently debuted an update to its well-known “Fox News Alert” graphics, and apparently it frightened host Megyn Kelly this afternoon with its stark black-and-white colors and elongated dramatic chime.

Coming out of the new alert graphics, a startled Kelly laughed nervously and said, “That was a new alert animation. It scared me a little bit.”

She continued, still rattled but tying it into the upcoming segment: “Maybe we should be scared because the clock is ticking down right now to the so-called fiscal cliff. President Obama staging a campaign-like event with lots of talk about taxes, but not much about spending cuts.”

Minutes later when she introduced guest Chris Stirewalt, she asked: “So… what did you think of the alert animation? Did it scare you?”

“I was a little frightened. I thought something really, really bad was happening,” he joked as the control room ran the alert again. Kelly jokingly cowered in fear and broke down laughing.

“It’s terrifying!” she said through her laughter.

Watch below, via Fox:

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