Megyn Kelly Confronts Weiner: How Could You ‘Be That Cocky’ on TV When You Were… You Know…

In round two of their big interview, Megyn Kelly took a little walk down memory lane with Anthony Weiner, reminding him of all the times they fought on the air, and given the scandal that cast him into political purgatory, Kelly wanted to know how he could go on the air and just “be so cocky.” She showed off clip after clip of Weiner losing his cool when he faced off with Kelly mere months before his sexting scandal went public.

Weiner defended himself and asked Kelly if she thinks it’s “good TV to interrupt someone when they’re talking.” She fired back that it’s okay if the guest is trying to “hijack the show.” Weiner got far more somber when Kelly brought up his scandal in relation to BridgeGate and Benghazi, and he said that “each situation is different” so it’s hard for him to judge how Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton handled their respective issues.

Kelly pointed out at the end of the show that Weiner gets pretty heated when the subject is politics, but becomes a lot more quiet and reserved any time his scandal is brought up at all.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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